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Why travel Thailand ?

  1. Cost of living is cheap – a little goes a long long way!
  2. Amazing people – some of the friendliest ever
  3. The best food in the world at the cheapest prices
  4. Thai massages on the beach
  5. Island hopping and chilling on amazing white sand beaches
  6. Rich cultural heritage with lots to learn from
  7. Easy to travel around
  8. A paradise for adrenaline junkies with diving, rock-climbing, trekking and more
  9. Great starting point for the rest of SE Asia – Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam are all close by
  10. Still a few home comforts on offer – McDonald’s, Body Shop, etc. in case you feel homesick!
  11. Shopping, shopping and more shopping – and don’t forget the floating markets!
  12. Thailand’s Buddhist heritage – for the culture vultures
  13. Crazy nightlife – for the party people out there!
  14. Full moon parties – you can’t deny how fun they are
  15. Visas are a snap and are issued on arrival
  16. Take a ride on Thailand’s famous elephants – the symbol of a nation!
  17. Visit the tribes of Kanchanaburi and see for yourself the real Thailand

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